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About Shirley

I try to convey different emotions that I feel in my heart in my music writing and studio recordings.

Life can't always be happy. Life is not always sad either. I like to have a little bit of both on each album's recordings. The melody of each song is a different life's journey for me. I start each song with something personal in my life, then embroider the specific sounds to create the mood. After that I love to surround each songs from experiences in my life.

People ask me how do I write the songs that I do. I try to write songs about personal events in my life that either moved me to laughter or tears.

Robert Frost once said, " If a story does not make the writer laugh or cry, it will not make anyone else laugh or cry either." I have also learned from listening to Janis Ian's music that if a song is true to an artist's heart, it will create a story picture in the listener's mind. I strongly agree, as a song writer, with these philosophies." Even though I do not sing on my CD's, ( yet that is ) I do write lyrics for most of my ballads. Lyrics helps complete the story of what each song is about. You'll find them on each CD page."

All the songs that I eventually end up recording on my CD's are the ones I can play over and over again and never get bored with the story they tell. That is because the songs mean so much to me personally."

Thank you for taking this musical journey of my life... with me.

Please feel free to write to me


love & peace

Shirley ~:~

Shirley’s biggest music influences:

Barbra Streisand:
for her fabulous voice & wonderful music orchestra arrangements.

Janis Ian:
for her brilliant song writing & her piano playing on her Columbia records albums.

Bette Midler:
for being the most over the top entertainer on stage and giving it ALL in her shows. I also enjoy watching Adam Lambert with Queen !

David Foster:
for being a genus producer, especially on Barbra Streisand’s, Josh Groban albums.

Joni Mitchell:
Favorite Album :
This is the album I listen to when my personal world needs a sanity check   :)

Shirley studio keyboards are:
1. Kurzweil 2500
2. Roland Fantom X7
3. Korg KRONOS
4. Yamaha Extreme XS7
5. Korg M50


Shirley's talent was discovered by accident when her brother injured his hand. Her parents bought him a theater organ to help rebuild the dexterity in his hand.
It was during that time Shirley took an interest in music from listening to her brother. Years later, her Mom decided to purchase Shirley her first synthesizer. after that...four more keyboards followed, enabling her to expand her sounds. From then on,Shirley had all the sounds she ever needed to record her music.

THE EARLY YEARS : Loss of Shirley's Parents

During her early years, life dealt Shirley her first tragic blow, her Mom became ill and passed away. A few years later she then joined a band called QUEST. They toured the U.S. and the Virgin Islands. Shortly after coming home from the tour, life once again would be unkind. Shirley lost her major source of inspiration, her dad, that built all her keyboard frames & sets for her 6 keyboards. The music died within her. She retired from the music industry and pursued a college degree in accounting finance. While attending college, a good friend mentioned that the university had a grand piano in the mansion’s ballroom at FDU. From that point on, a secret marriage developed between Cason and that baby grand piano. At night, after class, she would go to the ballroom when no one was there and fill that grand ballroom with one spirited soulful song after another. During this time is when she was able to heal her wounded spirit to be able to return to the world of music. Shirley then went on to build her recording studio, at the lake, and started her own companies,
My Peaceful World and Peaceful World Music and My Peaceful World Music


Forever In Bloom    Simply Christmas  

After recording her first two CDs, FOREVER IN BLOOM and then her SIMPLY CHRISTMAS album, Life again would be unkind and her oldest sister Carol passed away. Choosing to record an “Easy listening” CD or "Record the Truth" of how she felt inside was a commercial risk to her new company. Shirley states, "I've always been a big fan of Janis Ian, where I always felt her music told the truth about her emotions and I've alway appreciated that from Janis. From listening to her music for years, I knew I needed to be truthful to myself and to people who listen to my music."
With Shirley believing that music should come from the "heart & soul of the writer”, the next CD emerged,

THE 3rd RECORDING: For The Loss of her sister

A Summer Dream CD

From all the tears that one soul could bear. The "Summer Dream" CD went on to get high reviews, from Kathy Parson from Mainly & Bill Binkelman from Zone Music, for being so brave to "wear her heart out on her sleeve". From that point on Shirley promised herself to only record music that she felt with all her heart & soul full of emotions.

THE 4th RECORDING: The "Winter Recording" from the Studio Window

Winter Mornings CD

Now that Shirley's heart was free with the story of losing her sister being told, Shirley was ready to record a beautiful winter CD from looking out her studio window and just record what she saw. Again, "Winter Mornings" received such wonderful reviews from Kathy Parson & Bill Binkelman & letters from fans from all over the world. Shirley knew that recording what she sees... as well as what moves her emotionally is definitely what people love and enjoyed about her music!

THE RECORDINGS STOPPED: Loss of her best friend

Then there came a "gap in time", after the Winter Mornings CD was recorded until her next CD release, Shirley states, "After I recorded my WINTER CD, I lost my best friend of 25 years to cancer. It was a real blow to my heart. During that time, I kept trying to record another CD, but I just couldn't focus. Every song that I was recording was another "Picasso's blue moods" song like those on my A Summer Dream CD . I just didn't have the strength to record anymore. Depression had taken over everything I was writing and creating & time stood still for me. Maybe, one day I'll release my Carpe Diem CD with all the emotional songs I wrote during that time for my best friend. But for now though, I'm not ready to share those songs. With accepted that, I took a back seat from my music and worked with people on their music.”


Inner Peace

Inner Peace Then the Inner Peace CD emerged from the studio. Finally, the song writing gates were open again & the music was flowing. A brighter sounding CD was born with uplifting music that has a gentle romantic love story. Once again from Shirley. The INNER PEACE recordings received high reviews from, Kathy Parson & Bill Binkelman, for honest heartfelt music! As Shirley would put it, "heartfelt with a heart that finally having some happy notes in it !"

THE 6th & 7th CD RELEASES:


The best of Cason SPA COLLECTION MUSIC - new age radio Music - Download our spa piano music at our MP3 Store
Right after INNER PEACE was released, Shirley felt it was time to CROSS over to new recordings being content with what she recorded so far. Thus the title, THE CROSSING ~ THE BEST OF CASON. Plus, it symbolized for her personally the start of crossing over to start a new life with new adventures of an open heart. If you are new to Shirley's music, THE CROSSING CD gives you the most popular songs from each of her previous albums up to this point in time.

During this time, the Peaceful World Music team thought that it would be also the right time to release a compilation CD of Shirley's most relaxing & peaceful spa sounding songs from her music catalog.

THE PIANO SOLO CD: Shirley recorded this CD for a Fan

The following year Shirley recorded, RELAXING PIANO MUSIC CD at FDU college, outside of New York City, without any takeout’s, cuts or studio edits. It was recorded for a fan that wrote to Shirley asking her to record just a “Piano CD” in memory of her father that was also a fabulous pianist. Since Shirley could relate so well from losing both her parents, sister and best friend, this e-mail really inspired her to record this album. It includes piano versions of songs from her CDs, with a few new songs included! This piano solo CD is a wonderful way to hear how the songs sounded as Shirley wrote them before added orchestra arrangements to them. As soon as RELAXING PIANO MUSIC CD was released, Shirley’s fans started writing and posting on how much they loved it and wanted more of her just playing the piano. RELAXING PIANO MUSIC CD became her Best Selling album at under the New Age Instrumental Music and Self Help Music categories. How wonderful it is that this request, from a fan’s heart, inspired this piano CD with plans now for Shirley to record more relaxing & peaceful piano albums in the future.

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